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Finally, a Cycling Website That Will Take Your Cycling To The Next Level

May 09, 2009 By: Dina Category: Cycling

Attention cyclists of all levels…the Chavez Cycling website is up and running. will be sharing with you the unique cycling training plans and training tips that the Cuban National Cycling team has used to produce world class cyclists for years.  Whether you are a competitive or recreational cyclist, the advice and tips that we’ll be posting here will surely help you take your cycling to the next level.

A lot of times we reach a plateau in our fitness, and sometimes it’s just the smallest little tip or piece of advice that can bump you right out of that rut and catapult your endurance or your sprinting ability.  And, it’s amazing what happens at that point.  You’ll see and feel the improvements in your energy level, your body and in your cycling results.

Cyclists who want to improve their performance pay coaches or personal trainers hundreds of dollars for cycling training plans or training sessions.  But you’ll be getting your cycling training advice from a 10-time Cuban National Cycling Champion/Pan-American Gold Medalist here at for free.  Yes, we said for free.

Our blog posts will walk you through the day to day training activities of Joel Chavez, who’s accomplishments are too long to  list here…but take a look at our About Page  to get the full list of his incredible cycling accomplishments and amazing story.

Joel Chavez, Pan-American Gold Medalist

Joel Chavez, Pan-American Gold Medalist

We are busy putting together exciting products and services for cyclists of all levels.  Keep checking back with us…we’ll soon have a beautiful selection of bicycles, cycling equipment, cycling clothing, cycling accessories, spinning bikes and other exercise bikes.  And more specifically, road bikes, triathlon bicycles, mountain bikes, touring bicycles, commuter bikes, even electric bikes and folding bikes!

We’ve been putting together a challenging cycling training camp and if you’d like, our team of USA Cycling Certified Coaches are ready to design your customized cycling training plan to get you ready for whatever cycling event you’re preparing for.  You’ll be able to email us your cycling event and date, as well as a little bit of info about your fitness and training level and we’ll custom design a training program for you to help you get to your specific race, century ride, triathlon, or whatever your event ready to perform at your best.

For those of you looking to get away on a cycling vacation this summer, we have hand-selected some breath-taking, exciting and relaxing cycling tours here in North America as well as in Europe.  You’ll be able to link to travel sites from right here at to book all your travel arrangements.

You’ll find all this and more, so save us to your favorites, subscribe to our feed and share this with your friends so you don’t miss our introductory promotions.

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