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How To Stay Fit and Competitive In Cycling Year After Year Following The Right Training Plan

July 10, 2009 By: Joel Category: Cycling, Cycling Training

I’ve been competitive in cycling for 20 years…continuing to win races year after year.  A lot of people want to know how I do it.  I follow a training plan that allows me to stay competitive and strong all year long.  Our mission now, here at is to share with you this plan so that you can also stay competitive in cycling year after year.

Keeping the competitive edge.

Keeping the competitive edge.

It’s been a really fun and great spring racing season here in Florida.  I’ve enjoyed three 3rd place finishes, two 2nd place finishes and one victory.

Now, although there are no races for a few weeks in Florida Cycling I need to keep myself competitive by going to group rides around town.  Saturday morning’s St. Pete ride that goes out to Fort DeSoto is an amazing training ride that feels just like a race…sometimes it hurts even more than a race.  What makes this ride a tough one is the long straight-aways with that relentless headwind and those tough, tenacious riders that show up Saturday after Saturday.  This ride helps me train leg speed for flat racing.

Just like a racing weekend, Sunday morning I get to get up and do it all again, but even harder.  Harder, because Sunday’s group ride is in the rolling hills of San Antonio.  It’s a 60-mile hill ride where a lot of competitive riders from all over come to increase their power and endurance.  This ride helps me keep my competitive level at its highest so that when it’s racing time, my heart and legs are ready.

So, are you beginning to see how I can stay competitive and race-ready, even when there are no races?  Now, try it for yourself and you’ll see how you, too, can stay fit and competitive all year long.  Find some fun and challenging group rides in your area and ride them like a race.  This will give you a competitive edge and keep your racing skills sharp throughout the year.

As you sit there reading this, do you wonder how I train for these competitive weekend rides?  I follow a weekly training plan where I train to increase my leg speed, endurance and power.  You can follow along with the weekly training plan throughout the year (because it does vary throughout the year!).  Just register for the weekly newsletter so we can notify you when the new training plan for the week is up.  Also, you can register for our RSS feed to stay up to date with our posts.  We’re here to help you stay fit and competitive.  Remember, consistency is the key to improvement, so stay tuned to our weekly training plan.

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