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Cycling Training Plan – Week of Sept 28, 2009 And Clearwater Classic Criterium News Recap

September 28, 2009 By: Joel Category: Cycling

2009 Clearwater Classic Criterium Brings Four Cycling Categories Together Making One Diverse & Competitive Racing Field!

2009 Clearwater Classic Cycling Criterium Race

On a beautiful Saturday morning in downtown Clearwater, Florida cyclists from all categories gathered at the starting line to race a 70-minute criterium on a 1-mile racing course. Competitive cyclists from Categories Pro 1,2,3 & 4 all raced together, which is not something that happens very often in Florida cycling.

By combining these cycling racing categories, it made the race more exciting and fun to watch. A lot of young riders had the unique opportunity to race against experienced professional cyclists that have been racing for many years, giving them a chance to show the cycling community their talent and their potential for growth in the sport of cycling. And in fact, it was wonderful to see these young riders challenging the more seasoned professional cyclists.

As the race started, some riders started launching attacks from the start line. Ben Berry from the United Kingdom and Ryan Carney from New Hamshire broke away from the field for a few laps, opening a 15-second gap that little by little was closed by the group, bringing the entire field back together.

As the race progressed a few more riders launched more attacks that didn’t go anywhere until two Pro riders and two Category 3 competitors broke away, working together to open a huge gap from the peleton. Two riders from the peleton, Jimmy Page from the USF Cycling Team (cat 3) and Joel Chavez from P/C Miller (cat 1) went on the chase to catch the four leaders. Eventually, Joel Chavez bridged across to the three remaining leaders on the break away and together, they lapped the field.

The group stayed together for the remainder of the race, bringing it down to a field sprint finish. Victor Rodriguez from P/C Miller (cat 1) led out his team mate, Joel Chavez, who took the win, followed by Jorge Velez from Puerto Rico and Ben Berry from the U.K. taking third place in the Pro 1,2 category.

2009 Clearwater Classic Cycling Criterium Podium

Guillermo Suarez from Florida Velo won the category 3 race and John Vega took the category 4 win.

2009 Clearwater Classic Criterium Cat 3 Podium

It was an exciting race to watch from the spectator’s perspective and even more exciting to watch from the cyclists’ point of view. Winner of the race, Joel Chavez filmed the race using a helmet camera, creating amazing video coverage of the race from the inside. Here at we have created a unique movie of this exciting race for you to enjoy which is now available on our Videos Page.

This week is the “easy week” of our training cycle, below is the training plan of the week:

Your muscles have been working hard for the past 3 weeks, giving you high performance and intensity. Now, during this week you have to give them their time to recover and rebuild for the next microcycle of training.

Please be aware that this is the most important part of the training plan! Following this will help you improve your fitness and take your cycling performance to the next level.


  • Off (rest day)


  • Time On Bike: 2 hours
  • Gear: 39/17 or 39/16 (small chain ring, easy “spinning” gear)
  • Speed: 18 – 20 mph (30 – 35 km/h)


  • Time On Bike: 3 hours
  • Gear: 39/17
  • Speed: 18 – 20 mph (30 – 35 km/h)
  • or do a group ride, easy, drafting


  • Time On Bike: 2.5 hours
  • Speed: 18 – 20 mph (30 – 35 km/h)
  • Gear: 39/17 ,16, or 15


  • Time on Bike: 2.5 hours
  • Speed: 18 – 20 mph (30 – 35 km/h)
  • Gear: 39/17 ,16, or 15


  • Time On Bike: 3.5 hours
  • Find a group ride or race
  • will be doing the St. Pete ride on Saturday.


  • Time On Bike: 3.5 hours
  • Find a group ride or race
  • will be doing the San Antonio ride on Sunday.