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Cycling Training Plan – Week of Sept 21, 2009 And Sugarloaf Weekend Cycling Races News Recap

September 21, 2009 By: Joel Category: Cycling, Cycling Races, Cycling Training

Sugarloaf Mountain Cycling Racing Weekend…
The Hottest, Hardest & Most Dangerous Races Ever In Florida Cycling Racing History!

Watch the video on youtube!

The Sugarloaf Mountain Cycling Racing Weekend was an incredibly challenging event for all the cyclists from every racing category. The racing weekend consisted of a grueling road race on Saturday, followed by a brutally dangerous criterium on Sunday. Both racing courses were full of tough climbs and super fast and dangerous descents with tight turns. Temperatures were in the 100′s on both days, making it difficult for a lot of racers to finish their races. The weekend was full of crashes in all categories, sending numerous riders to the hospital with broken bones and severe road rash.

Sugarloaf Mountain Road Race:
Each lap of the Sugarloaf Mountain Road Race consisted of a 10-mile sufferfest with long climbs and steep and scary downhills making it extremely challenging for even the most experienced cyclists. Some riders reported downhill speeds of up to 55-60 mph! Brutally high temperatures and strong headwinds, combined with the tough terrain and strong competition made it the hardest race of the season in Florida.

In the Pro 1,2,3 category there was an early breakaway that was made up of Z-Motion, Santos, Team Porsche and Aerospace riders. It was a breakaway that was nearly impossible to catch…only a few riders, including Ivan Franco and John Durango from Team Santos and Juan Gaspari from Z-Motion were able to bridge across to the lead group. At the end, Claudio Arone from Team Aerospace took the win in an incredible uphill sprint finish, followed by Shane Braley and John Durango.

Sugarloaf Mountain Criterium:
Sunday’s Criterium race course was a 1.6-mile loop with long climbs and three steep downhills with sharp turns at the bottom, filled with elevated man-hole covers and bordered by sharp 6-inch high concrete curbs throughout the course. Exceptionally good bike handling skills were a necessity to survive this crazy crit! In fact, a few riders left the race site in an ambulance with broken bones and severe road rash.

In the Pro 1,2 field the speeds were unbelievably high and the riders were hitting the turns at incredible speeds that made it scary even to watch. The competition was fierce and there was attack after attack throughout the entire race from all the different teams. In the middle of the 65-minute race a group of four racers broke away from the lead group and eventually lapped the field. This made it super dangerous for the final laps since all the riders were back together and competing to take the lead on the last turns.

The intensity and excitement of the fearless riders grew in the final lap, making the speeds so high that they couldn’t make the second to last corner before the finish line and about six riders crashed ending up with broken arms and wrists and a lot of road rash. Ivan Franco from Team Santos was one of the lucky ones that escaped the horrible crash and took the win, followed by Claudio Arone (another lucky one that did not crash!), then Juan Gaspari who, after crashing, got back on his bike and crossed the finish line taking third place. has the most incredible footage from the inside of this crazy and dangerous crit filmed with a high definition helmet camera by Joel Chavez, one of the pro riders in the race. When you see this amazing video you will feel the adrenaline rush, as if you were actually in the race! You will see what it is like to hit downhill corners at over 30mph on a bike. This is exclusive “reality cycling TV” video footage that you will not see anywhere else.

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For all our training plan followers, here’s this week’s training plan:


  • Off (rest day)


  • Time On Bike: 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Gear: 39/16 (small chain ring, easy “spinning” gear)
  • Speed: 18 – 20 mph (30 – 35 km/h)
  • Leg Speed Workout: 6 sprints of 200m each (15-20 second sprints at 5 minute intervals) Start standing on your pedals & finish sitting at your maximum cadence.
  • Cool Down: 10 minutes

Note: Start doing your sprints after one hour of riding.


  • Time On Bike: 3.5 – 4 hours
  • Gear: 53/18 or 53/17
  • Speed: 18 – 22 mph (30 – 40 km/h)
  • After 2 hrs of riding, 6 uphill repetitions. Start seated and finish standing for the sprint. Hill should be 500m – 1k in length:
    • 2 repetitions in 53/15 sprinting at the top for 20 seconds
    • 2 repetitions in 53/14 sprinting at the top for 20 seconds
    • 2 repetitions in 53/13 sprinting at the top for 20 seconds

Note: Allow 5 min. recovery between repetitions

  • Continue riding to complete your 3.5 – 4 hours


  • Time On Bike: 3 hours
  • Speed: 18 – 22 mph (30 – 40 km/h)
  • Gears:
    • 20 min. in small chain ring
    • 40 min. in 53/19
    • 30 min. in 53/11
    • 40 min. in 53/19
    • 30 min. in 53/12
    • 20 min. in 53/19
  • Cool Down: 10 minutes (in small chain ring)


  • Time On Bike: 1 hour
  • Speed: 18 mph
  • Gear: small chain ring (easy recovery ride)


  • Time On Bike: 3 hours
  • Find a group ride or race
  • will be racing in Clearwater, Florida on Saturday


  • Time On Bike: 3.5 hours
  • Find a group ride or race
  • will be racing in San Antonio, Florida on Sunday

Note: Remember to treat the Saturday & Sunday rides like races & try to take some pulls to reach maximum heart rate. To have a better understanding of how your weekend rides should be, you should click here to read more about what our weekend rides are like.