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Cycling Video of the First Ironman Road Cycling Team Riding in Tampa

July 23, 2010 By: Joel Category: Cycling, Cycling Video

“Introducing the very first Ironman Road Cycling Team in the Country!”

Big news Tampa Bay! The P/C Miller cycling team and the new Ironman store in New Tampa are in the process of joining together to form an iron-strong road cycling team.

On Sunday, July 18 our cycling team, P/C Miller had the opportunity to be the first to try out the new Ironman Road Team bicycle jerseys and cycling bib shorts from the new Ironman Store in Tampa.

It was a wonderful experience to wear these cycling uniforms and to be the first ones to represent an Ironman Road Cycling Team in one of the most challenging and competitive group rides in the Tampa area.

The Ironman logo on the bike jerseys and lycra cycling shorts must have given us iron-strong legs because we rode incredibly fast on the ride, reaching a maximum speed of 43 mph according to our bicycle computers.

If you also want to feel the Ironman power that you can get from wearing a cycling kit with a world-recognized brand name such as Ironman, visit or stop by their new shop in New Tampa and treat yourself to a new Ironman road team cycling uniform. Go to your next group ride wearing your new kit and join us in representing the first and only Ironman Road Cycling Team in the country.