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Cycling TV and Cycling News of the Brooksville Classic Criterium Bike Race

October 25, 2010 By: Joel Category: Cycling, Cycling Races, Cycling Video

Leonardo Martinez from Team Cocos Won In A Super-Human Solo Breakaway In The Rough and Tough Brooksville Criterium Pro12 Race

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, Laura DeWitt, one of the owners of the Get Healthy food stores, along with Florida Cycling put great effort into organizing a beautiful, but difficult criterium bike race in downtown Brooksville, Florida. This criterium cycling race drew a huge crowd of spectators who enjoyed a great day of cycling racing and witnessed how the best competitive cyclists of all ages and categories in the state climbed over cobblestone roads and hit downhill corners at over 35mph on their road bikes.

This 1.1-mile, 6-corner criterium course is considered one of the roughest and toughest courses in the state because of the cycling racing skills needed to hit downhill corners at high speeds and the leg strength and endurance needed to climb a long, difficult cobblestone hill many times during the race.

Here in the state of Florida, the Florida cycling racers wait for opportunities like this to show off their bicycle racing skills, leg speed and strength, especially when the course is difficult, dangerous, and rough.

That is what Leonardo Martinez racing for Miami’s Team Cocos did. He showed off all his racing skills, leg speed and strength that he has developed during his long career as a cyclist to conquer this difficult cycling racing course and win in a super human solo breakaway against some of the best criterium racers in the state.

2 Comments to “Cycling TV and Cycling News of the Brooksville Classic Criterium Bike Race”

  1. what is the average speed you do on your races?
    What is the average AGE of the racers?

    thanks for the video’s as it works for me when training during the winter months.
    I bought your indoor workout DVD. After about 20 minutes, I am getting a great workout.
    A great investment. Not like others that make me feel it’s for slow moving people. I’m 58 years YOUNG and can keep up with many much younger riders.
    keith, Hagerstown Maryland

  2. Keith…thanks for the great comment. We really appreciate your business and are happy to hear that you enjoy the indoor cycling DVD.

    As these are Pro12 races, the ages vary anywhere from 18 to 45 or more. The speeds, depending on whether we are racing a crit or road race can go up 55mph. If I had to estimate an average speed it would be about 25-30mph.

    Keep on riding and enjoying your youth!


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