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Cycling Video Download Takes You Inside The 2011 Road Race For Humanity

March 23, 2011 By: Joel Category: Cycling, Cycling Races, Cycling Video

“Cycling Video Download Lets You Watch How This Road Race Turns Into an Obstacle Course
For Some Riders During the First Lap!”

“2011 Race For Humanity
A Cycling Road Race To Always Remember!”

This year the Race For Humanity was on another cold day, with temperatures in the low 40′s, winds up to 16mph and on the same hilly course as previous years. But all of this did not stop great competitive cyclists from around the country from coming to do this tough and exciting road race.

Around 2:00 pm, the Pro,1,2 riders lined up at the start line to go for a 68-mile long road race, 4 laps around a 17-mile challenging race course.

The Pro,1,2 riders got so excited and fired up after seeing National and State Champions standing with them on the line that once the race started, the peloton immediately became strung out in a single file line.

Just a few miles before the end of the first lap there was an unexpected cycling crash that split the peloton in half. The race suddenly became an obstacle course for some of the riders that were trying to avoid the cyclists and bicycles on the ground. Many of the riders that were caught behind the crash never made it back to the main group because the peloton kept on going pretty fast.

During the second lap two riders, Derek Bennett and Winston David, launched an attack and went on a breakaway that lasted all the way to the final lap.

After their hard effort of staying off the front for 3 laps in the cold, the wind and the challenging hills, they were caught by Ty Magner from Team Type 1, who bridged across solo from the peloton in the last lap, and caught them right before the finish line. Ty Magner made it to the breakaway so strong that he still had the power to sprint past the two lead riders and take the win, leaving Winston David in second place and Derek Bennett in third place.

A few seconds behind these three riders, the peloton sprinted for fourth place, where David Guttenplan passed John Durango right on the finish line.

Like always, the Race For Humanity was a memorable cycling racing experience. That is why we created a 25-minute cycling video download with the race highlights, so you can see what happens during this race from the cyclists’ point of view.

This cycling video download is so exciting that you will want to watch it for entertainment and indoor training many times.