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Bicycle Crash In Last Lap of 2011 Hayman Road Race, San Antonio, Florida

September 12, 2011 By: Joel Category: Bicycle Crash, Cycling, Cycling Races, Cycling Video

Bicycle Crash! Fast Pace and The Heat Makes Rider
Lose Control and Crash. Ouch!

Bicycle Crash in the last lap:

In the last lap of the 2011 Hayman Road Race in San Antonio, Florida, the Florida Velo Cycling Team went to the front of the peloton and started to pull very fast. They were trying to bring back Grant Potter, the Masters National and World Cycling Champion.

Grant was on a solo breakaway trying to bridge accross to the main break, that was about a minute ahead of the main peloton.

Grant Potter is competing for the Florida Point Series, that is why Ken Vida, the Florida Point Series leader sent his team to the front to pull and bring Grant Potter back.

Bicycle Crash Zone:

None of the cyclists got feeding in the last lap. Due to this rule of not getting feeding in the last lap, and the heat, a lot of racers started cramping and getting dizzy.

With a fast pace at the front and cyclists getting dizzy, you know you are entering into the bicycle crash zone. That is exactly what happened! All of a sudden, a rider went head down to the ground.

I don’t know if this rider was not paying attention, or if he got dizzy, but this crash scared the hell out of me and the other riders behind him as well.

I hope that he is doing OK after his crash and that he was able to get back up on his bike and finish his race.