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Our mission is to provide world class cycling services to the cycling community, ensuring that cyclists of all levels have the opportunity to improve their cycling performance at a recreational and competitive level, and to offer a wide variety of cycling products at the best prices.

Joel Chavez, co-founder of

Joel Chavez, co-founder of

Dina Farag, co-founder of

Dina Farag, co-founder of

Welcome to, a website dedicated to providing cyclists of all levels with top-notch cycling training services in the form of cycling training camps, cycling training plans and advice, as well as cycling tours and a bicycle shop offering a huge variety of hand-selected cycling products. We have a passion for cycling, and are committed to improving the cycling experience for cyclists of all levels.     

Joel Chavez

Joel Chavez,

My name is Joel Chavez, co-founder of It is my great pleasure to have you visit our About Page to learn more about who we are. My passion is cycling…I also have a passion for helping people achieve their best cycling performance possible through high quality cycling training, proper diet, motivation, mind power and positive thinking.

I would like to share a little bit about me with you so that you will have confidence that you are receiving world-class cycling training advice throughout the website and in our cycling training camps…So, here’s my story…

Cycling has been a passion of mine since I was a young boy. In Cuba, where I grew up, I joined a cycling school at the age of 11. I trained hard and dreamed of competing on the Cuban National Cycling Team, a privilege that only a handful of people could earn.   Through dedication, discipline and the power of visualization and positive thinking…I was one of the few selected to join the Cuban National Cycling Team when I was only 16.

I competed on the National and International levels, traveling the world representing Cuba in the sport of cycling. I was a 10-time Cuban National Champion and earned a gold medal in the 4km Team Pursuit in the Pan-American Championship…all before the age of 20.

I was living my childhood dream! But my dream of being a world class cyclist started to take second place to my dream of living in freedom (not possible in communist Cuba). I started visualizing a beautiful life of freedom in America. And again, through the power of visualization and positive thinking I realized my new dream and moved to the United States of America in 1999…leaving loved ones and a successful cycling career behind.  

Once in America, I was on my own.  I no longer had the guidance and support of the professional coaching, training plan, diet plan and team spirit that I had had on the Cuban National Cycling Team.  But I did have the experience, so I continued to apply everything that I had learned while on the Cuban National Cycling Team and expanded on it as I trained myself to stay competitive in the sport of cycling in the United States.  

I developed a cycling training plan for myself and in 2001, achieved the following:

  • Won the 2001 Florida State Road Racing Championship;
  • Won the 2001 Georgia Criterium Championship:
  • Won the 2001 Maryland Criterium Championship; and
  • Was a Stage Winner in the 2001 International Cycling Classic (Super-Week).

After 2001, life’s circumstances took me away from competitive cycling for a few years, but I kept myself fit working out in the gym and cycling.  I started competing again in 2006 as a professional cyclist and:

  • Won the 2006 Florida Point Series Championship;
  • Won the 2006 Sugarloaf Mountain Road Race;
  • Won the 2007 Florida State Road Racing Championship for the second time;
  • Won the 2007 Sugarloaf Mountain Road Race for the second time;
  • Won 3rd Place in the 2007 Florida Point Series Championship;
  • Won 2nd Place in the 2008 Florida Point Series Championship.
Joel Chavez, 2007 Florida State Road Racing Champion

Joel Chavez, 2007 Florida State Road Racing Champion

Joel Chavez, 3rd Place Winner of The 2008 FL State TT Championship

Joel Chavez, 3rd Place Winner of The 2008 FL State TT Championship

Over the past few years cyclists have come to me for advice on training, cycling racing strategy and improving performance.  I’ve helped many people take their cycling to the next level, from beginners to professional cyclists. My team and I are also Certified USA Cycling Coaches, so rest assured that the training advice that we offer conforms to the USA Cycling standards.

I have also partnered with my former coach in Cuba, Antonio Dieguez in developing cycling training plans for cyclists of every level.  Antonio Dieguez is also the former Colombian National Olympic Cycling Team Coach, and held that position for 4 years before retiring.  He has led the Colombian National Olympic Cycling Team to victory after victory all over the world.  He has worked with numerous world class athletes to keep them in top shape for competition.  In fact, he also coached Julio Herrera to become the first Cuban World Cycling Champion in the 200m Sprint. So, rest assured that all of the cycling training camps, training plans and advice that you will find here at are the product of many years of accumulated knowledge and experience.

I’ve been blessed to be able to realize many of my dreams in my life and now, my dream is to be able to help others achieve their cycling goals in a healthy, positive and fun manner.

I hope you enjoy our website!

Dina Farag

Dina Farag, USA Certified Cycling Coach at

Hello, my name is Dina Farag. I am a USA Certified Cycling Coach and I’ve been following the Chavez Cycling training plan since 2007 with Joel. My cycling has improved incredibly in a short amount of time. I’ve seen what this training can do and I recommend it to any cyclist that wants to improve their performance, strength and endurance.

I am also the co-founder of and the website administrator. We are always on a mission to improve cycling for every cyclist around the world. Our goal is to offer you the best cycling products and give you the best cycling training services possible.

We hope that you will benefit from everything we share with you at and are open to your feedback to keep our website constantly improving.