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Santa Cruz Bikes

“Santa Cruz Bikes…Introducing Their Unique and
Revolutionary Mountain Bike Frame
and Suspension Design!”

Santa Cruz Bikes have set a new and higher standard in all-mountain and cross country bike design. At Santa Cruz Bicycles, the bike engineers and designers have come up with the most innovative and sophisticated, no-maintenance design in VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) mountain bike suspension as well as a unique bike frame-building process.

They are serious about building truly great bikes. Their mission is to build the most durable and dependable mountain bikes on the planet because the engineers and designers at Santa Cruz Bicycles are also extreme bike riders themselves.
Santa Cruz Bikes, Santa Cruz Mountain Bike

Santa Cruz Bikes

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes unique one-piece molding frame-building process will ensure that you get a flex-free, light-weight, and strong carbon fiber mountain bike frame, allowing you to have a more durable and reliable bike that will take your mountain bike trail performance to a new level.

Santa Cruz Bikes revolutionary and unique bike suspension technology also allows you to have full control over your bicycle and instant responsiveness when going through any type of terrain. See yourself riding hard with blazing fast acceleration, climbing with ease and descending with efficiency and authority on one of the most difficult and challenging mountain bike racing trails.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could own one of these masterpiece bicycles and start having the most incredible mountain biking experiences ever when riding on the toughest mountain bike trails in the world?

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