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Blur XC

“Blur XC Is About The Hottest Cross Country Mountain Bike On The Planet!”

The Santa Cruz Blur XC‘s carbon fiber frame makes it one of the lightest bikes in the mountain bike racing arena. With this light mountain bike frame, getting to the top of any steep hill during a mountain bike race becomes easier than riding any other bike of its kind.

The XC comes equipped with the next generation VPP suspension to make your racing experience more comfortable by providing more shock absorption while riding over the roughest terrain during your races.

And to leave your competitors behind, the XC Carbon comes with the precise component group Shimano XT. When fast shifting is what is going to give you the unfair advantage to beat your competition, you can trust in Shimano XT.

Riders that race with the Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon say that this bike is one of the quickest bikes they have ever ridden because its light weight helps them accelerate out of the turns faster than with any other mountain bike.

Blur XC, Santa Cruz Blur XC, Blur XC Carbon

Blur XC

They are also saying that the Blur XC is light enough and fast enough to race any kind of race…short and technical, or long and rough and that it can help any mountain bike rider increase their performance.

One mountain biker recently said: “…no regrets! I love this bike! Now I am able to keep up and climb with biking buddies that are in better shape than me. If you want more of an all mountain bike with a super light frame, go with the Santa Cruz Blur.”

To take your mountain bike racing to the next level, make one of these precise racing machines yours today. Click on the Blur XC mountain bike image and order today from one of our secure and highly reputable partner companies and have your new Blur XC delivered right to your door.

Blur Xc

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