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Santa Cruz Blur

“Santa Cruz Blur Takes Your Riding To Another Level With More Control and Acceleration!”

Santa Cruz Blur would never let you down on your ultra endurance ride!

This mountain bike is built with an excellent and reliable suspension design that guarantees a smooth ride when going through the roughest and bumpiest section of your mountain bike trail.

You probably already know that the Blur is made with a light weight but strong frame that makes climbing and descending a faster and more enjoyable task.

Alot of mountain bikers say that overall, the Cruz Blur is a mountain bike that can help any mountain biker improve their bike handling skills, such as cornering and descending.

Blur Carbon, Santa Cruz Blur, Cruz Blur

Santa Cruz Blur

When riding the Blur Carbon you will ride with more confidence through bumps, rocks, sand and mud with ease and precision.

With all these incredible benefits, the designers of the Blur earn an A+!

To become the owner of one of these super light and super fast mountain bikes, make one of these Santa Cruz bikes yours today.

Click on the Cruz Blur of your choice below to order now from one of our highly reputable and safe partner companies and have your new mountain bike delivered right to your home.

Santa Cruz Blur

Santa Cruz Blur

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