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Santa Cruz Jackal

“Santa Cruz Jackal Allows Freestyle Bikers To
Jump Higher and With More Control
Over Park Benches!”

Santa Cruz Jackal is your dream bike!

Announcing the Santa Cruz Jackal’s dramatic weight loss of 1.7 lbs less than the previous version. Exhaustive testing has proved that the lighter Santa Cruz Jackal also got tougher.

By getting rid of the top tube hump, now you have more room for aerial spins and a lighter bike that will lift higher.

Santa Cruz engineers knocked the ball out of the park with its revolutionary rear drop-up design. It is super adjustable. The rear drop-up is designed to run with gears or as a mono-cog.

Jackal Bikes, Santa Cruz Jackal

Santa Cruz Jackal

To make things even better, Jackal bikes come powder coated in many different colors for you to choose from so you can match your bike to your training or racing clothes.

When riding a Santa Cruz Jackal you are going to be scared of how high you can lift this bike and amazed at how easily you are going to maneuvre over park benches.

Are you beginning to see how this is a great bike and well worth owning?

Imagine how impressed all your buddies are going to be when you start jumping higher and with more control over all the obstacles that you encounter along the way at your jump park.

Now you can be the king of freestyle. Santa Cruz designed this bike to perfection so you can improve your performance to become the best in your jumping game.

To jump the highest you can reach and leave your buddies with their jaws dropped to the ground, make a Santa Cruz Jackal yours today.

Click on the bike image below to order yours now from one of our reputable and secure partner companies and have your Jackal bike delivered right to your door.

Santa Cruz Jackal

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