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Santa Cruz Juliana Bikes

“Santa Cruz Juliana Bikes Are Truly Built For
Female Riders…Do Not Waste Your Money
On Any Other Type of Bike!”

It seems like Santa Cruz is the only company taking women mountain bikers seriously.

Santa Cruz engineers have gone above and beyond all expectations to set a high standard in designing women specific mountain bikes. Santa Cruz Juliana bikes are designed to perfectly fit women of all sizes.

You probably already know that Bicycling Magazine awarded the Santa Cruz Juliana “Best Women’s Mountain Bike of 2011.”

The Juliana bike is built using a super-light, lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to climb the steepest hills that you can encounter on any mountain bike trail.

Santa Cruz Juliana, Santa Cruz Julianna, Juliana Bike

Santa Cruz Juliana

Santa Cruz Julianna bikes come equipped with full suspension to absorb impact so that riders of all levels can glide over rocks and mud with little effort, even on the toughest mountain bike trails.

Its single pivot suspension design is light weight with very few parts, making it less likely to break or wear out, giving you the benefit of long-lasting shock absorption on all your rough mountain bike rides.

The best thing about Santa Cruz Juliana bikes is that they come with strong and light Mavic wheels and Shimano drivers…the perfect combination for perfect gear shifting and power transfer. This helps make your bike ride a lot faster allowing you to ride with more comfort, making it to the top of the longest hills on the toughest terrain with more energy.

A lot of girl mountain bikers that have already bought a Juliana bike say that they are so impressed with the Juliana because they have noticed that their bike handling skills have dramatically improved and now they can ride a lot faster than with any other mountain bike.

Santa Cruz Julianna bikes are available in all sizes to fit all women, and are perfect for riders of all experience levels.

What if you can find a mountain bike that is truly built for a woman’s body? The Juliana is the one! Do not waste your money on any other bike. The Julianna bike is worth every penny.

Santa Cruz Juliana

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