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Santa Cruz Nomad

“Santa Cruz Nomad Mountain Bike Helps Bikers Of
All Levels Climb and Descend With More
Confidence, Precision and Speed!”

Santa Cruz Nomad is a bicycle that has proven to take serious mountain bike racers to the podium in world class races around the globe.

The Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon is the ultimate weapon when it comes to the downhill battle.

Santa Cruz’s state of the art VPP suspension system, in combination with its sturdy aluminum frame gives you better control while descending helping you to crush your competition by hitting corners with more speed and better precision.

Santa Cruz Nomad, Nomad Carbon

Santa Cruz Nomad

The Nomad Carbon is a bike that you can trust 100% while racing in your most challenging mountain bike races. It is designed to never fail you, and to allow you to make it through the roughest sections of any course with your bike intact.

The Nomad Bike is the most obedient racing machine. It does everything you ask it to do. It helps you descend, climb, corner and sprint with ease and more confidence.

You probably already know that the Santa Cruz Nomad has quickly become a hot item in the bicycle industry after its initial release.

It has already helped alot of riders quicly improve their bike handling skills and racing performance.

Mountain bikers that already own the Nomad Carbon are saying that the first time they rode their Nomad bike they were 100% satisfied and proud of their new racing bike.

Now, in its second generation, the Santa Cruz Nomad continues to raise the bar in the all-mountain category.

The Nomad Carbon has not only lived up to all the manufacturer’s claims, it actually surpassed them.

Santa Cruz built this revolutionary bike to satisfy and please everyone in the mountain bike crowd, from the most aggressive trail riders, weekend warriors, gravity event entrants to those who simply want to cruise around town in mountain biker style.

The Nomad’s great look its terrific suspension platform and its excellent pedaling efficiency make it a bike well worth owning.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could own a bike that can help you quickly improve your mountain bike game? To show all your mountain bike friends who the boss is on all your mountain bike races make a Nomad bike yours today.

Click on the Santa Cruz Nomad bike image below to purchase your new bike from one of our reputable and secure partner companies and have it delivered safe and sound, right to your home.

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Santa Cruz Nomad

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