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Santa Cruz Tallboy

“Santa Cruz Tallboy Takes Your Mountain Biking To The Highest Level of Confidence and Comfort
During Your Toughest Races!”

Santa Cruz bike manufacturers cannot stop building great bikes. They build these bikes to help racers improve their performance in their respective competing categories, from cross-country, freestyle, mountain biking, to downhhill competition.

Santa Cruz bike engineers set the bar higher when it came to building the best bikes for all entry level riders.

They set the bar even higher when building the Santa Cruz Tallboy. They made the Tallboy bike one of the lightest, full-suspension, 29ers available by a pound or two in most cases.

Santa Cruz Tallboy

Santa Cruz Tallboy

The Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon frame is made with a new and unique carbon fibre material using a unique building process that makes the Tallboy frame lighter, stiffer and stronger so mountain bikers can handle all circumstances during races with ease, better precision and confidence.

When riding a Tallboy bike you are not only going to ride in style, you are going to ride in incredible comfort as well.

The Santa Cruz Tallboy VPP suspension is very responsive. It helps you go through the roughest part of any racing course feeling like you are gliding in the air.

A lot of mountain bikers that are riding the Tallboy are saying that buying this bike was an excellent decision. They say riding on this bike is so comfortable that this bike could be the ideal bike for long, grueling and challenging marathon races.

Now is the time to own the best bike you have ever ridden and to take your mountain biking to a higher level of precision and comfort.

To be the proud owner of this revolutionary bike, click on one of the images below to order your Santa Cruz Tallboy today from one of our highly reputable and secure partner companies and have it delivered right to your door.

Santa Cruz Tallboy

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