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Sram Red Crankset, The Crank That Makes Cyclists Pedal Lightening Fast

June 15, 2011 By: Joel Category: Crankset

“Sram Red Crankset, New Ergonomic and Aerodynamic Design Allows Cyclists To
Pedal With More Power and Speed!”

Sram Red Crankset

The American company, Sram, released the highest level carbon fiber crankset on the cycling market today.

You probably already know that Sram Red Crankset are lighter, stiffer and better looking than Shimano or Campy cranksets.

Alot of competitive cyclists that race with a Sram Red Crankset are saying that a racing bicycle built with a Sram Red Crank will shift quieter and faster when going back and forth between chainrings, allowing them for more robust and precise shifting during their tough crits, time trials, and road races.

Just imagine how your cycling performance will quickly improve when you upgrade your racing bicycle crank to the full carbon fiber Sram Red Crankset.

With this new Red Crankset and its new ergonomic and aerodynamic design you will pedal full speed ahead.

  • your bicycle will get lighter, making climbing a breeze
  • your bike aerodynamics will improve, allowing you to pedal faster in the head wind
  • your bike will shift quicker, faster and more accurately
  • Sram Red Crank’s stiffness allows you to convert power into speed instead of flex

Of course you already know that a Sram Red Crank comes packed with the latest technology in low friction ceramic bearings to guarantee that you get smoother pedaling during all your cycling training and races.

Not only does the carbon fiber Sram crank make your bicycle lighter and faster, with its sharp looking decals, your bicycle will look more professional too!

The best things about the Sram Red Cranks are that they come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and that they come in all arm lengths.

Each day you do not ride with a Sram Red Crank is another day that you’ll be riding slower in your races.

It’s time for you to start pedaling faster and with more power and climb mountains with ease.

To be the proud owner of this revolutionary breakthrough in cycling technology and improve your cycling performance, make this carbon fiber crankset yours today!

Click on the “Get It Now” button below to purchase your Sram Red Crankset from one of our highly reputable and safe partner companies today and have your new crankset delivered right to your home.

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Sram Red Crankset