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Cycling Tips for Criterium Racing

June 08, 2011 By: Joel Category: Cycling, cycling tips, Cycling Video

“Not even the night slowed down these crazy Florida criterium racers through Downtown Tampa’s
dark cobblestone streets and corners!”

“These cyclists must be nuts to put on such a dangerous and exciting cycling show into the night!”

Cycling Tips for Criterium Racing:

It requires alot of mental concentration and alot of bike handling skills for these cyclists to stay focused and safe in such a dangerous criterium race without hitting a curb, a building or a light pole.

The best cycling tips a criterium racer can get from my racing experience on this kind of technical cycling course is that the race is more beautiful and safer at the front.

At the back of the field your energy gets depleted in closing gaps and avoiding crashes. When it comes time to make a winning move your legs are going to be so tired, and even if you still have a little bit of energy to go for the win, an unexpected crash that usually happens in the back can stop you from winning.

Remember these cycling tips very well if you want to be a criterium racing champ. Always race at the front of the peleton in technical races like the Tampa Twilight Crit, this way you can go with the flow of the race saving all your energy and your legs for the moment that you need to go full throttle to reach the right bike speed for the race win.