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Gym Workout Video

“Weight Lifting For Cyclists…
Here Is How, You Too, Can Get Ripped,
and Improve Your Cycling Performance Quickly!”

Who Else Wants To Know The
Weight Lifting for Cyclists That Keeps
Your Body Ripped and Strong All Year Long?

For the last 20 years I have been working out twice a week in the gym following the same weight lifting for cyclists workout routine. This gym workout has been keeping me ripped, strong and has helped me maintain an athletic body for a long time.

Many people have asked me what gym workout routine I follow to ride my bicycle strong all year long. That is why I took the filming crew into the gym with me to put my 20 years of weight training experience into an instructional weight training for cyclist video that can quickly help any cyclist improve their cycling performance and get the ripped body that they want.

In this Chavez Cycling Gym Workout video, you get step-by-step written and video instruction of the gym workout routine that I do twice a week. If you follow it on a consistent basis, you too, can get the results that you want quickly and keep a strong, athletic body forever.

I think that if you follow this weight training for cyclist video, you can dramatically increase your strength and power endurance and quickly see an incredible improvement in your overall cycling performance.

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