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Bike Rollers

Bike Rollers for Indoor Cycling!
Do Not Let The Snow, Rain and Cold Weather
Stop Your Cycling Training…Stay Fit All Year Long.

Bike Rollers, Bicycle Rollers, Kreitler Rollers

Bike Rollers

Every cyclist would like to ride their bicycle all year long, but sometimes in winter that’s just not possible, especially for those that live in areas that get snowy, rainy and very cold.

Attention to those cyclists! Now there is a great solution!

Indoor cycling has become incredibly popular all over the world. Using bike rollers for your indoor cycling workout makes your indoor cycling training more fun and realistic.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep riding your bicycle and enjoy indoor cycling training on bicycle rollers this winter? Riding bicycle rollers is one of the best indoor workouts and can benefit you as a cyclist in many ways. Here’s how you’ll benefit from your bike roller training:

  • You get a more realistic and challenging indoor cycling workout.
  • You gain better bike balance and bike handling skills.
  • You will improve your pedaling form and increase your leg speed and cadence.
  • You’ll get a great, steady calorie-burning workout everytime!
  • You’ll maintain great physical fitness throughout the winter and holiday season.

Imagine combining your indoor cycling training on rollers with a motivating and exciting indoor cycling DVD and enjoying the best possible indoor workout ever!

What if you can own one of these professional cycling roller trainers and keep riding your bike all year long so you can stay fit and at your ideal body weight during this winter season!

To purchase a high quality bicycle roller now from our highly recommended partner company and have it delivered right to your door, click on one of the bike roller images below.

  • SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers

    SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers
    SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers
    Price: $399.00
    Sale: $279.30

    The SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers solve one of the biggest problems associated with rollers -- usually, they provide only so much resistance. But by combining the benefits of roller training ...

  • Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers

    Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers
    Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers
    Price: $379.99
    Sale: $265.99

    Rollers are the next best thing to riding your bike on the road or trails, so when Mother Nature or your busy schedule decide that an outdoor ride isn't possible, don't despair. Instead, set your ...

  • Kinetic Z Rollers

    Kinetic Z Rollers
    Kinetic Z Rollers
    Price: $349.00

    When kinetic decided to design a roller, it set out to do it differently. The Z Roller folds into one-third of its original length for easy storae and transportation. The design combines lightweight ...

  • CycleOps Training Rollers

    CycleOps Training Rollers
    CycleOps Training Rollers
    Price: $309.99
    Sale: $247.99

    Maybe your downstairs neighbors frequently comment on the whirring and whooshing sound that comes from your condo every night. Or maybe the wind trainer is just getting boring. Either way, the ...

  • Elite Arion Roller

    Elite Arion Roller
    Elite Arion Roller
    Price: $279.99
    Sale: $195.99

    Whether it's for warming up in a shady corner of a parking lot before an event or trying to maintain form through the cold months, rollers are occasionally a necessary evil. Elite's Arion Rollers ...