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“With The Right Cycling Nutrition You Can
Train At Peak Performance Every Hour
Of Your Training Day!”

Of course you know that after one hour of riding your bike, you start depleting your body from the energy that keeps you going fast and strong on your bike.

You probably know that if you eat the proper energy bars and energy gels every hour during your cycling training, group rides or races, you can keep on riding at peak performance all the way until the end of your riding day.

To always perform at your best, remember to always bring with you, one energy bar for every hour you are going to be on the bike on all your cycling rides.

To get the nutrition supply that you are going to need as a cyclist, click on the energy bars or gels of your choice below to order now from one of our highly reputable partner companies and have your nutrition supply delivered right to your home.

GU Energy Gel, GU Chomps, GU Roctane

GU Energy Gel

GU Energy Gel keeps you energized all the way to the end of your cycling training sessions and bike races.


Clif Bars, Clif Builder's Bars, Clif Shot

Clif Bars

Clif Bars let you ride your bike with the energy you need to stay free from bonking.


Probar Energy Bar, Whole Grain Energy Bars, Vegan Energy Bars

ProBar Energy Bar

A ProBar Energy Bar gives competitive cyclists the natural energy source needed to succeed in group rides or cycling races.


Honey Stinger, Honey Stinger Gel, Gluten Free Protein Bars

Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger Gel gives you the vitamins, minerals and energy boost that you need to stay strong during your bike rides.


Nuun Hydration, Electrolyte Drinks, Nuun Electrolyte

Nuun Hydration

Nuun Hydration tablets quickly dissolve in your water to give you the electrolytes needed to stay hydrated during your cycling races.