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GU Energy Gel

“GU Energy Gel Keeps You Energized All The Way
To The End of Your Cycling Training
Sessions and Bike Races!”

GU Energy Gel, GU Chomps, GU Roctane

GU Energy Gel

With GU Energy Gel you can ride or race your bicycle and stay energized all the way to the last mile of the day!

A lot of cyclists tell that bonking is one of their worst enemies when riding or racing their bikes.

Of course you have heard that GU products such as Energy Gel and GU Chomps can help you avoid bonking, keeping your body energized, in balance and in peak performance during your bike rides or cycling races.

Choose from the various energizing GU products below, such as GU Roctane, Energy Gel or GU Chomps to keep riding at your peak performance levels all day long. Click on the GU products of your choice below to order now from our highly recommended partner company and have your GU nutrition products delivered right to your door.

  • GU Roctane Energy Gel - 24 Pack

    GU Roctane Energy Gel - 24 Pack
    GU Roctane Energy Gel - 24 Pack
    Price: $60.00

    The Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel improves upon GU's original recipe incorporating advanced ingredients to boost your performance. The Roctane features a superior mix of complex and simple carbs ...

  • GU Energy Gel - 24 Pack

    GU Energy Gel - 24 Pack
    GU Energy Gel - 24 Pack
    Price: $36.00

    The 100 calories of complex carbohydrates found in all 24 pouches of the Energy Gel 24 Pack are only part of the reason why Gu is such a ubiquitous sight in the peloton and on recreational rides. ...